Have a SuSE10 server running support pack 2 and need to bring current to support pack 4. Server is also running OES2 support pack 1. Tried to bring server current using online methods, but none work. After running move to scripts, it pull the right packges, but server still show old versions so it errors out on trying to install the patches. Recommended to do in place upgrade, but I have never done one in that fashion. I would assume I just use the SuSE10 sp3 media and boot off that and choose update. Have been told you can point it to local root partition and copy the oes2sp2 media there so you can add that as well. Are there any gotchas that I should look out for in this process? Once I get it to SuSE 10 sp3, I would assume you would register the server again to tyr and apply all the post sp3 patches as well. Any advice would be appreciated.