Hi All,

I just created a LVM partition using the command line... everything
worked fine. I then rebooted and it disappeared... using SLES 11.1.
Physically the disk is still there, just the symbolic link to the device
was gone etc. etc.

I then created this LVM partition in yast2 and on reboot it worked
fine... it was still there... which part am I missing out of the command

1. fdisk /dev/sdb create partition choose 8e
2. pvcreate /dev/sdb1
3. vgcreate -L 40000M -n varlvm data
4. mkfs.ext3 /dev/data/varlvm
5. edit fstab and mount it somewhere.. so what does yast2 do

I am trying to command line this.. instead of using yast for easier
deployment to other offices...

thanks in advance,

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