Having issues...........!!!!

Running: SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP2 64-bit with 3.0.42-0.7 kernel.

I am having an issue installing the SUSE supplied (via the ATI repository?) driver for my ATI Radeon HD 4350 card, booting the system will just hang on a black screen and do nothing. I've also tried downloading and installing the ATI Catalyst driver from the AMD website but it won't build (error inserting fglrx, No such device type errors). I Googled and found a potential hack but that doesn't work either. I get similar results with previous versions of the Catalyst driver, 12.4, 12.2 etc.

I believe SUSE installed two RPMS, x11-video-fglrx and ati-fglrx02 or a name similar to those via an online update and I've tried to remove those, but they don't appear when I do an rpm -qa.

Has anyone had this issue before and fixed it?

Thanks in advance,