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malcolmlewis;10283 Wrote:
> Hi
> Have you checked the main.cf file to ensure the relay host/domains are
> set?

Yeah I have those set. :|

I will look at using Yast Right now. :S I'm just not very familiar with
it that way. I'm better at pointing it to what I want it to do and thats
it. I don't want to leave any security vulnerabilities because it has to
be "set up the way yast wants it". Meh Guess I'm fuddy like that. Worst
that happens is it doesn't work that way right?

If you use YaST and there is an update it shouldn't overwrite your
config (/etc/sysconfig/postfix). Modifying the actual files could lead
to your configs being over written on an update.

The other thing I normally do is use the aliases file to add/associate
email addresses.

If you just work as a user to get it to relay your email, then things
should work with a mail alias.

So all you should have to do is this;

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