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    Hi Mitch,

    Postfix comes "preconfigured" for local mail delivery and can be customized to utilize a "master mail server" via /etc/sysconfig/postfix. The variables to look out for are:

    POSTFIX_RELAYHOST="10.50.X.X" # set this to your actual mail server
    POSTFIX_NULLCLIENT="yes" # set this to "yes" to hand *all* mail to the relay host

    Running "SuSEconfig --module postfix" will update the configuration files accordingly.

    Oh, and please note that actually all mail originating on your server is sent to your central machine... including mail for root.

    Now as you've already have manually modified Postfix's configuration, you may have to clean that up for the above to work.

    [Edit]: As an alternative, you might be able to configure your Nagios instance to use a separate SMTP server, rather than sending it to localhost - that way you'd avoid messing with the local Postfix configuration.

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