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Thread: [autoyast] "timezone_proposal" doesn't work

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    Lightbulb [autoyast] "timezone_proposal" doesn't work

    I'm using SLES 11 SP2, and want to install the OS by autoyast.

    In my autoyast configuration file, I set "US/Pacific" as the default timezone, and ask user for a new timezone while the proposal stage. System do switch to the date/time setup stage and let me chose my new timezone, I can see the new timezone in the confirm list, then I confirmed the install. But the timezone still be my default one after the install.

    Is this a bug of autoyast? Or anything I set wrong, below attached my autoyast configuration script, please help to advice, thanks.

            <confirm config:type="boolean">true</confirm>
            <forceboot config:type="boolean">false</forceboot>
    <proposals config:type="list"> 
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