im trying to use autofs to mount ncp share.

1. I can use fstab with a passwdfile to mount my test folder /nwtest no problem here
2. I try to use auto first configure /etc/auto-mast
echo "/nwtest /etc/auto.net >> /etc/auto.master
3. I create the auto.net file
Question1: What is identifier in the auto.net file the mount point ?
nwtest -fstype=ncp defaults,mode=777,ipserver=testpool1,nonfs,uid=root,uid=root,owner=root,volume=TESTVOL1,passwdfile=/etc/edir-passwords,multiple,timeout=900 0 0
? Or what autofs needs to know for the first word(nwtest) ? the mountpoint or the networkshare name ?
4. The password file
Q2 What is the identifier here if i use fstab i used the share name

/etc/fstab/-->testpool1/.admin.test /nwtest ncp defaults,passwdfile=/etc/edir-passwords

5.Q3 Does autofs need fstab entrys ?

Thanks for help