1. Is there any documentation as to what features of BTRFS are implemented and supported in SLES11-SP2? Or is it identical to the kernel version (3.0?)
  2. Is it planned to backport specific BTRFS-Features from more recent kernels into SLES11-SP2? I'm specifically looking at quota support and/or qgroups.

I'm starting to set up a new server and if BTRFS won't support any sort of quotas (via quotad or subvolume) in any plannable time, then I need to reconsider (distribution or just the filesystem).

I found a featurelist in /usr/src/linux/Documentation/filesystems/btrfs.txt but I have no idea if this is in sync with the actual btrfs kernel module.

Additionally, YAST partitioner lets you activate quotas but then fails mounting the volume (because btrfs doesn't understand quota mount options) - a subsequent call to yast partitioner resulted in a kernel panic.