We are under testing of SLED 10, and we download 2 dvds:
1.SLED-10-SP4-DVD-i386-GM-DVD1.iso 3.8 GB (4152674304)
2.SLED-10-SP4-DVD-i386-GM-DVD2.iso 5.2 GB (5655689216)

I am able to install the SLED 10 from DVD1, but I couldn't install drivers like other Linux. Drivers that works in Ubuntu doesn't work here. I couldn't even get the drivers to install.

It might be that I lack of package from DVD2? But dvd2 is too big to burn into a dvd. I also tried to install packages from dvd2(put into SLED desktop), but it fails.

Could any one give some help on drivers installation?

And where can I buy DVD for SLED if any?

Thank in advance