On Sun, 02 Dec 2012 03:44:02 +0000, andreamillspaugh wrote:

> Can This stuff be done.
> Hi, everyone, I know how to make a suse studio distor but I want to
> change guis to one that I like from another operating system, and have
> the name of the menu to something i like, I asked the community at open
> suse studio and they said I can add and change pictures and stuff like
> that and data, but what is the online emulater for how do I move things
> around to my likeing or how to use it, And they said that I can
> customize it thrower the emulater or something, can some one help me
> with this, because I want to make it the way I wont, like adding a
> programming languages that i have made for linux and change the icons do
> i do this thrower the studio or what I would like a detaled tutorials if
> theres some around.
> Oh and I fogot to ask where can I find scripts for it at. thanks

I really couldn't follow what you were asking very well. Could you try
to ask without running your questions all together into a single

The documentation is pretty comprehensive - as I said before, I haven't
seen any tutorials for SUSE Studio because it isn't that difficult to use.

But if you can ask clear and precise questions, I'm sure someone will be
able to help you.


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