Joseph Marton wrote:

> Looking at building an ESXi 5.1 server at home. I was originally
> going to build an i7-based system but now I'm wondering if I should
> look at the Xeon E3 instead. What makes more sense? Right now
> thinking about the E3 1245v2 CPU with the Asus P8B board.

There *is* a difference between a box designed as a server,
workstation, and a desktop, regardless how it may ultimate be used.

The Xeon is Intel's processor for servers and workstations. These days
there is very little difference in cost between a Xeon and an
equivalent desktop processor so I would go with the Xeon.

Of course you'll need an appropriate motherboard. Here too there are
important differences between server boards and desktop boards. Server
boards, even entry level ones that support a single processor,
generally can accommodate a larger RAM capacity, use ECC RAM, can
accommodate a larger IO and PCI bandwidth, provide on-board SCSI/SAS,
and are designed to run 24 x 7. Workstation boards are similar but
usually include or can accommodate high performance graphics which
aren't needed on a server.

If you're building your own, I would look at some of the Intel entry
level motherboards. If such a system does not fall within your budget,
I would look for a used server, perhaps on eBay. They are usually very
cost effective.

One other point, VMware products generally experience fewer issues if
run on approved hardware so if you have the option I would go that


Kevin Boyle - Knowledge Partner
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