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Thread: SLES 10.3 (Unable to execute commands in the shell)

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    SLES 10.3 (Unable to execute commands in the shell)

    Hi All,

    OS : SLES 10.3 X86-64, Linux virtual machine. Running on VMware esxi 4.1 hyper-v

    Issue: Unable to execute commands in the shell & unable to login on to the server sometimes.

    In our dc one of the production server running SLES 10.3 X86-64 (virtual server), unable to execute commands in the shell, & sometimes unable to login into the server. Through this server we use to login to other servers in the dc. Earlier we faced the issue on this system, upon reboot of the system the problem will get fix. Novell support person analyzed the issue & stated that the / partition has less space, so it is not able to execute commands. We increased the space of /partition with rebooting of the server. Now we are facing the issue again & / is having enough space.

    This issue is repeating on the server & we are unable to find the cause of the issue.

    Please help us to resolve the unknown issue.
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