I'm setting up a 2 node cluster for the first time ;o)
Tried in a test environment - had a few difficulties, but managed.
Now in production environment, I have more or less the same difficulties, but am not able to solve the problem...
To my best knowledge, I have configured the 2 nodes correct (and the same).
After having configured stonith and a few other resources on node 1, I ran sleha-join on node 2 - apparently with no errors.
But node 2 never shows up in the crm_gui - if I manually add node 2 in crm_gui, it seems not to connect, and the node can't be brought online.
The /var/log/sleha-bootstrap.log on node 2 shows no error.
It mostly looks like if I had 2 "1 node clusters"...
I haven't found any troubleshooting guides leading me to the source of my problem...

Any ideas?