When using virt-install to create a SLES-SP2 VM (on a SLES-SP2 Xen host system), the SLES-SP2 guest stops unexpectedly:
xen1:~ # virt-install -p --name test3 --ram=768 --location nfs:// --disk /dev/disk/by-id/scsi-1494554000000000044524244390000000000000000000000  --graphics none

Starting install...
Retrieving file vmlinuz-xen...                                                                                                                             | 6.5 MB     00:00 ... 
Retrieving file initrd-xen...                                                                                                                              |  65 MB     00:00 ... 
Creating domain...                                                                                                                                         |    0 B     00:02     
Connected to domain test3
Escape character is ^]
[    8.528848] BIOS EDD facility v0.16 2004-Jun-25, 0 devices found
[    8.528865] EDD information not available.
The last two lines are repeated ~40 times before the installation just stops.

If I use vm-install and select the option for "No Graphics Support"...
Please specify the type of virtualized graphics hardware.
  1: No Graphics Support
  2: Paravirtualized Graphics Adapter
[2] >
...the installation goes smoothly.

What's causing the virt-install method to stall?

Eric P.
Truckee, CA