Just wondering what people are doing for backups these days.
I have a tough time getting my little <1TB of data to tape in
the alloted timeframe so I was curious as to what some of the
bigger shops were doing. I am shopping for new backup solutions.
Currently I write 1 backup to disk and then to tape. I have
two servers splitting the load due to tape size. The new setup
will have a 3TB tabe so I can scale back to 1 device again.
Throughput is the big problem and I'm not sure how fast the new
setup will run, typically I get 2 to 3 hours knocked off the
backup time everytime we upgrade which puts me back in the window,
but with morons keeping 10GB worth of email it gets to be challenging.
If our internet access wasn't butkus all of the time I'd seriously
consider cloud storage, but if I can't fit my backup in on at
GB wire speeds, no chance going across the T1...assuming it's up.