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Thread: login window died away -- waw - Where are (the) wizards

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    login window died away -- waw - Where are (the) wizards

    HP 655 suse sled 11 sp2 preinstalled
    last updated about 8th December


    Hello world,

    yesterday seems so far away, cz login was full functional.

    Today I wanted to start, but...
    No login window appeared. I could view (the of course very exciting) only the default desktop background.

    what did I do:
    With ctrl alt fx I can enter the first terminal. And also the other terminals.
    I am viewing the /var/log/messages, but the tons of lines make no sense for me.
    Googling for a shortcut to bring the login window alive (nothing appropriate found).
    Looking up some linux books for key strokes (nothing).

    my guess:
    System is not damaged. The core is full functional. But anywhere a tiny configuration file was altered or damaged.
    Or it has something to do with the resolution of the screen (but ctrl alt - didn't work either).

    Please give me a hint, what can I do as a linux rookie (contact with linux since two weeks, heavily infected for sure).

    greetings from here to there
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