Finally got our SLES11SP1 SMT server working late last week, and now
it's broken again!

Getting the following error:

# smt-mirror
WARNING: The following repositories cannot be mirrored.
Maybe you have not enough permissions to download these

* OES2-SP2-Updates sles-10-x86_64
* SLES10-SP2-Updates sles-10-x86_64
* SLES10-SP3-Online sles-10-x86_64
* SLE11-SP1-SMT-Updates sle-11-x86_64
* OES2-SP2-Online sles-10-x86_64
* SLES11-SP1-Pool sle-11-x86_64
* SLE11-SP1-SMT-Pool sle-11-x86_64
* SLES10-SP3-Pool sles-10-x86_64
* SLES11-SP1-Updates sle-11-x86_64
* OES2-SP3-Online sles-10-x86_64
* SLES10-SP2-Pool sles-10-x86_64
* SLES10-SP4-Updates sles-10-x86_64
* SLES10-SP3-Updates sles-10-x86_64
* OES2-SP3-Pool sles-10-x86_64
* OES2-SP2-Pool sles-10-x86_64
* OES2-SP3-Updates sles-10-x86_64
* SLES10-SP4-Online sles-10-x86_64
* SLES10-SP4-Pool sles-10-x86_64
* SLES10-SP2-Online sles-10-x86_64

Cannot remove lockfile.

Any ever seen this? There are *NO *TIDs on the KBase for this error..


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