I have 2 new HP BL460C servers 1 G7 1 Gen 8. These are fresh installs of Suse Ent 11 sp2 fully patched. I enable Console 0 access for VNC by this document. http://www.novell.com/support/kb/doc.php?id=7003097 When I connect to Console 0 with VNC the X Process goes to 100% CPU load. If I connect to VNC not console 0 I do not have the high CPU load. If I minimize the window VNC Console 0 and monitor the load form a SSH session load goes back down to 0% on the X process. Once I un minimize the VNC window on console 0 load spikes right back to 100%. It stays at 100% unless the Console 0 VNC is closed or not active.

If I need to supply more details or logs please let me know what is needed and I will provide it. Thanks