Hello all,

Sorry for [possibly] posting in the wrong section - can't create new one.

My company decided to purchase a subscription - we make graphic adapters, so we write drivers for Linuses.

80% of the time our SLE customers have SLES. According to my experience, graphics-wise, SLED and SLES are the same - same X, same kernel, same glibc. Please, correct me if I am wrong.

We used to get our distros from customers, but it looks like we need a subscription of our own.

Free download, 60 days and all is not an option for us.

We don't need support, just access to repositories.

We have proxy in the company.

We use fresh install for every test case. Almost every time - it's a different hardware. Can I install the distro I am subscribed to on different machines? (One at a time, not mass deployment)

We don't do any production work on those machines - just test graphics drivers.

And my question is - is there any other option for us, except for paying $350 for the SLES subscription? (we are OK with $50 for SLED)
(like student/developer version?)

If we purchase the subscription - will we have an access to, say, SLES 10.1? SLES 9? 11.2?

Thanks a bundle for your time!