HP G5, G6, G7 servers have embedded graphics ATI ES1000 515E. SLES11 SP2 installation configures vesa driver with only 2 possible resolutions: 800x600 and 1024x768. Unable to select anything higher. Sax displays "No video mode tuning available" when displaying the test screen. With G6 servers, if I replace "vesa" with "radeon" in xorg.conf, then sax presents more (higher) resolutions. With G5 servers this does not work. G5 servers have 32MB video memory and G6 has 64MB video memory. Not sure that this matters but Xorg.0.log on the G5 shows 32MB available and 64MB accessible when trying "radeon". On the G6 the log shows 64MB available and 64MB accessible. When trying "radeon" on the G5, after restarting X I get blank screen - only solution I have found is to reset xorg.conf to "vesa" and restart X. Are there any updates to xorg-x11-driver-video-radeonhd (I have version 1.3)? Any ideas?