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Could you help us understand how having microsoft active directory (MAD)
second confuses users? Typically it's best to have local user stores
first for a few reasons:

a) fastest; even if it lacks a user the system will know that and return
very quickly
b) 'root' should always be local, and 'root' is queried (its UID is
anyway, and then resolving to the username from that UID) often (since
most of the filesystem is owned by UID 0)
c) Sometimes the network doesn't work; no need to have delays for things
like local loins in that case.

Good luck.

The reason I suspect confusion is that all of the users are typically Windows users logging into the same domain, thus their habit is entering username and password without any other changes. Knowing this, and my users, I can foresee that some will attempt to log in (xdmcp) without changing the domain and then assume something is wrong on the server and thus call me for support. I have seen this numerous times, in similar instances, all because users forget their training and fall to habit (some users only use this system every few months). My wanting to change the "Domain" order is in hopes of saving myself some time (and I am the only one that will log in as a local user).

Thanks for your input. I will keep your reasons under consideration.

However, if anyone knows if this is possible and how it can be done, I would like to at least evaluate it with the above reasons in consideration.