Hello everybody,

I have a problem with AVI format files and I'm looking for an application to fix them (so, hopefully, it's the right section of the forum).

When I tried to play several movies (AVI format) on Totem, all I could hear was a heavily distorted or no sound at all. Then, I decided to try it on a different player to see whether it's a problem with Totem, so I tried to play them on Banshee. Same thing again...
I noticed, however, that some .avi files seem to be all OK, while audio of others seem to be faulty (I should probably note that there are no problems with video). I suspect that these files got damaged somehow after the upgrade to SLED 11 SP2, as I had been able to play the files before without any trouble. Files of other formats, such as MP4, seem to be fine.

I have tried to look for some programs for fixing these files, however, I couldn't find any application for SLED. If anyone happens to know such application, I would appreciate if you could tell me.
Also, I'm quite curious about why this happened, especially if it's because of the upgrade. Does anyone else have a similar problem or have any idea about this?

Thank you.