Hi Eric,

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No offense taken, Jens. I was just being grumpy.

Yeah, I wasn't very clear about my intent there:

What I was trying to convey was that:

  • the boot.iso option is required but the actual contents of the boot.iso option are completely discarded, and
  • this might qualify as a bug but I wanted confirmation of that and maybe some guidance on how/whether to address the potential bug.

What do you recommend, Jens. Should I submit a bug report? If so, how do I go about submitting a bug report?

Eric Pretorious
Truckee, CA
I found the following comment in /usr/lib64/python/site-packages/virtinst/DistroInstaller.py:
# Xen needs a boot.iso if its a http://, ftp://, or nfs: url
So I doubt this is a bug, but rather by design/implementation. And are you sure it is not actually used? I'd assume that it *is* used, to create a run-time environment for the installer. But others with more in-depth knowledge would have to comment on this. AFAICT, this code is actually very distro-specific (concerning the distro to be installed) and most probably the included version has not yet created the code to support Oracle's "distro" yet.

virt-install is part of the virt-manager stuff from http://virt-manager.org, maybe their mailing list can help to check for the current upstream support status. If newer upstream code supports Oracle VMs, it might be helpful to file a bug to let SuSE know about this issue and probably include an update in a later SP or fix.