Hi all,

I'm using SLED-11 SP2 32 with GNOME only on my Dell Inspiron Laptop. Last 3 weeks it's happening, not a regular interval.
When I tried to open FF from Main Menu the system automatically logout & login screen appear (it first display a black screen, probably very low resolution because mouse icon is different than my current GUI size, then it display the tty1 terminal (background is the SUSE logo and white text) for a while, then it goes to the login screen (GNOME version)).
After login the system works fine, if I again open the FF from Main Menu, it working well, no problem on anywhere, but some times it happen, I even don't know where to find the main cause (log files).

So, can any one tell me, if in future it again happens, then after relogin, which log file content I will post for better understand the main cause.