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Thread: Getting Google Chrome Working on SLED 11 SP2

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    Re: Getting Google Chrome Working on SLED 11 SP2

    The following URL contains a repository for SLE_11 (works on SLED 11 SP2) for the Subpixel (freetype2) version, needed for some software including Google Chrome. As a result, a popup appears stating that some repository locations are unavailable on the GNOME desktop.

    The cause is there is a file Subpixel.repo that is automatically imported when using the URL with an invalid baseurl path.
    The baseurl of was working until Wednesday, 2/20/13.

    name=Subpixel hinting enabled packages (SLE_11)

    To correct the issue, I simply changed the URL to point to the original location instead (

    To change this, go to YaST > Software Repositories.
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