Hi carnold6,

> insserv: Service nss has to exists for service ncp2nss
> insserv: Service network is missed in the runlevels 4 to use service openslp

these are messages resulting from insserv's dependency checks, independent from your new script (afaict). You might see these messages even without your script, as soon as you use "insserv" to add/delete services.

It basically says that in the script providing "ncp2nss", there's a requirement for "nss" documented in the LSB header section of that script - but no script could be found with the corresponding "Provides:" header. This could point to potential trouble, but otoh these LSB sections are not always to be taken too seriously :/

The other message is similar, stating that openslp (/etc/init.d/slpd) has runlevel 4 defined as one of the run levels it should be activated or deactivated in... and requires "network"... but /etc/init.d/network is not declaring that it should even be started in rl 4. Which is no problem, because in /etc/inittab, rl 4 is commented on as "not used".

After the insserv run, were the corresponding symlinks to your script created in the rc*.d directories?