I have installed VMware's vMA 5.0 on one of my esxi servers. I was hoping to use it to run a script and shutdown the host when it is running on battery and the battery reaches a certain level. I have a tripplite smnp card in the ups and the documentation I have from tripplite is for vMA version 4.0. According to VMware vima (as vMA is called) 4.0 was built on a RedHat kernel. The Version 5.0 that I have is built on a sles 11 kernel. I know the script will run on the vima manually, but it doesn't get the message from the card. From packet traces I can see the packet sent by the card (an snmp trap to port 160) but the script never runs. Also, the snmp card is supppose to register with server but never does. From all indications it seems that the vima 5.0 has a firewall on it that is blocking packets. However, when I investigate the vima, I see that SUSEfirewall2 is not installed (I launch yast>Securityand Users> firewall) so this seems to imply that there is no firewall on it. Yet the packets don't get to the server or from the server.

Does anyone have a clue on what I need to do to get this working? Is there another type of firewall on the vima 5.0?