There are quite a few application that I wanted to use that are readily available for Ubuntu but not for SLED. How can I run Ubuntu app on SLED11? Ideally, under some emulator, like Windows apps running under Wine. Does anything like that exist for SLED?

I don't really want to go with dual boot.

I looked at virtualization option. My system has CPU that supports it. I read article about virtualization options in SLED11. I don't like that with Xen I need to choose at startup to load OS with Xen-kernel. I tried it once with SLED10 and video defaulted to basic functionality only. I guess other things may break too.

Maybe I am wrong, it's just my impression that KVM would be better in my case but actually neither KVM nor XEN supports Ubuntu.

Is there any "easy" solution to my problem? Also, when running for example some Ubuntu 3D CAD app I still need the graphic performance to be acceptable.