My autoyast file prompts for a number of variables (of which only a subset are included in the example). These are written to /tmp/answer_* before a chroot-script copies them to /mnt/tmp/ and then feeds them through sed to populate /mnt/tmp/profile/modified.xml. So far so good ... inspection of (/mnt)/tmp/profile/modified.xml shows me all the specified values are there.

What I can't get it to do is *read* autoyast=file:///tmp/profile/modified.xml at 1st boot (and it's *not* a lot to ask is it really?)

I did think it would be possible to customise the /boot/grub/menu.lst which is installed by autoyast, however at 1st boot the menu flashes by and I am convinced that at this point grub is using a temporary custom grub configuration (as there is only a single menu option).

Tried adding a custom grub entry for 1st boot, see "#Create custom GRUB menu entry to start installation after reboot" below, and the menu entry *is* created, but all I get is "booting from local disk..." and a black screen. Why can't the system see the kernel (either with /vmlinuz alias or /vmlinuz-3.0.13-0.27-default)?

All I want it to do is reread /tmp/profile/modified.xml at 1st boot.



  <chroot-scripts config:type="list">
      <feedback config:type="boolean">false</feedback>
      <debug config:type="boolean">false</debug>
cp /tmp/answer_* /mnt/tmp/
mkdir /tmp/mnt
mkdir /mnt/tmp/profile
mkdir /mnt/tmp/etc
mount -o nolock /tmp/mnt
cp /tmp/mnt/fred.xml /mnt/tmp/profile/modified.xml
umount /tmp/mnt


# Get the answers
HOSTNAME=`cat /tmp/answer_hostname`
IPADDR=`cat /tmp/answer_ipaddr`
GWIPADDR=`cat /tmp/answer_gwipaddr`
PASSWORD=`cat /tmp/answer_password`
FIRSTNODE=`cat /tmp/answer_firstnode`
SRVNDSCONTEXT=`cat /tmp/answer_servercontext`
NUM_DOTS=`echo $SRVNDSCONTEXT | grep -o "\." | wc -l`
ORGROOT=`echo $SRVNDSCONTEXT | cut -d. -f$[++NUM_DOTS]`
SRVLDAPCONTEXT=`cat /tmp/answer_servercontext | sed -e 's/\./,/g'`

# Modify AutoYaST file
sed -i -e "s/%%HOSTNAME%%/$HOSTNAME/g" \
       -e "s/%%IPADDR%%/$IPADDR/g" \
       -e "s/%%GWIPADDR%%/$GWIPADDR/g" \
       -e "s/%%PASSWORD%%/$PASSWORD/g" \
       -e "s/%%FIRSTNODE%%/$FIRSTNODE/g" \
       -e "s/%%SRVLDAPCONTEXT%%/$SRVLDAPCONTEXT/g" /mnt/tmp/profile/modified.xml

# Create custom GRUB menu entry to start installation after reboot
cat <<EOF > /mnt/boot/grub/menu.lst
default 0
timeout 10
title Install SLES11SP2
root (hd0,0)
kernel /vmlinuz textmode=1 install=nfs:// autoyast=file:///tmp/profile/modified.xml hostip=$IPADDR netmask= gateway=$GWIPADDR
   initrd /initrd