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Thread: /dev/pts/ number keeps growing

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    /dev/pts/ number keeps growing

    I got a box running SLES 11 SP2, we're running an old fashion application on which the clients telnet to the SLES Box. My problem is that the /dev/pts/ number keeps growing. It seems like if the lower channels are not being free when a client logs out from the system. If I log into the system with /dev/pts/83 and I log out from the system, when I try to log in again I will get another /dev/pts/ number even there's nobody else logged into the system in /dev/pts/83.

    I got another box with more users, this one is running SLES 11 SP1 and it working fine.

  2. Re: /dev/pts/ number keeps growing

    Hi aacampos,

    are there any processes left running when the user has logged out? You can check the "ps" output to references of the previous pts.

    If so, it could be that such processes, started in the background, still have stdin/stdout open on the pts.



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