Hey guys,

I've just pulled out an old Netware 6.5 server (Dell 2600 Series) It's
got over 3TB of storage on it, I believe it's still got a license on it
too. It used be be our companies Netware server but the company went
bust years ago and this has been left in storage. It's all up and
running and has booted up fine.
Solves my iFolder problem from recently as this already has it
configured and I've already got my clients working on it.
I know this server is old, and 6.5 is no longer supported but what I'd
like to know is could I still keep using it even if It's not supported
and EOL ?

I mainly want it for the iFolder and NetStorage.

This server is about 4-5 years old, it was bought new. It was only used
for 8-9 months before it went into storage, so it's got a lot of life
left in it yet.

Would I also be able to sell storage online with iFolder ?


Kind regards.


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