On Fri, 15 Mar 2013 11:16:02 +0000, david banner wrote:

> For a 12.3 KDE specific build. What, realistically, are the correct
> repositories to 'add' to keep software and system bang up to date? Like
> I'd like to able to upgrade KDE to 4.10.1, Firefox latest, etc.
> I seem to remember something about the more reps you add in openSUSE the
> more messy it gets to manage.

There are various repos labeled "stable" that will help keep things
current with updated releases, but they aren't always tested against each
other (that's the reason the default update repo doesn't generally
upgrade from, say, KDE 4.9 to KDE 4.10. Too many dependencies get

You could subscribe to the factory repository - at that point, you're not
12.3 any more, you're "13.1 pre-release", but factory is going to be the
bleeding edge of development.


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