I have an application running on SLES 10 SP3 which uses rcp to copy
files from another host, which is also SLES 10 SP3. Its logs show that
on executing -rcp- the error "*Operation not permitted*" is thrown.
To resolve this i was told to make an entry in the -rhosts- file in the
user directory, but the problem is that -rhosts- file does not exist on
both the systems.
I checked the *xinetd.d* folder, where no such files as rlogin or rsh
exist. I also checked pam.d directory; there also these files don't
I also tried editing the *hosts.equiv* file but I am still getting
CONNECTION REFUSED when i try to execute "*rlogin hostname*".

the hosts file in /etc of both systems has the entry for the other.
What could be the problem ?


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