I am trying to set up an iSCSI connection from a newly installed SLES 11 SP2 server to a Dell EqualLogic box. I can discover the target in Yast | Network Services | iSCSI Initiator but when I click login on the Discovered Targets tab, the 'Connected' column always says false. If I then go to the 'Connected Targets' tab, I see that it does have the correct target listed but the startup column is blank. If I edit the target, change the startup to 'automatic' then exit and save then go back in, it still shows the startup column as blank. Why can't I set this to 'automatic'?

Also, in the SLES manual, it says that there are two iSCSI databases that are supposed to be located in /var/lib/open-iscsi. I don't have a /var/lib/open-iscsi directory, let alone any databases. I have confirmed in YAST that open-iscsi is installed.

BTW, even though on the 'Connected' column says 'false' on the Discovered Targets tab, I can till mount the iSCSI volume and copy things to it. I just can't get it to load when the server boots.

What am I missing?