Hi all: Our backup system consists of ARCserve 11.5 for Linux dumping to an Overland Neo2000 library. We backup approx 600 to 800 GB in a full backup across about 10 servers, a mixture of OES nad Windows 2008.

Just last week the latest Apache update to our OES2 SP3 backup server killed ARCserve. CA now does not support ARCserve for Linux. I have not been able to successfully reinstall ARCserve as it needs Tomcat4

I have a few options. The first is to stick with CA and move over to a Windows server. We can still read our old tapes but I see ARCserve for Windows does not support eDirectory or GroupWise. The second option is to go with another vendor that runs on OES and supports eDirectory, GroupWise etc, like Arkeia.

So, all advise is welcome. Thanks, Chris.