This update ( )
will not actually help in some cases. In my case I have an FTP client on
IBM z/OS which has EBCDIC encoded text files. Binary FTP upload of these
files to pure-ftpd on *nix will not be readable by any text editor or
viewer. Check out this link for more information: 'TDI Users:

The solution in my case was to use pure-ftpd's upload-script feature
and dos2unix utility which converts text file line endings between CRLF
and LF. Here is what I did on my Debian server:

- Enable pure-ftpd's upload-script feature:
echo "yes" > /etc/pure-ftpd/conf/CallUploadScript

- Add option UPLOADSCRIPT in /etc/default/pure-ftpd-common:

- "" contains:
/usr/bin/unix2dos -q -k "$1"

* unix2dos utility is included in dos2unix package and it adds
"carriage return" only to text files, binary files are not "touched" by

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