On 03/28/2013 09:04 AM, dpueltz wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> where is the big deal in running Linux on System-z? Hardware-Invests in
> IFLs and RAM are extremely high (compared to Intel-based ESX's), so that
> most memory-eating Applicationserver-Workloads seem to be very
> expensive. Also I cannot see big cost-saving-effects in e.g.
> Oracle-Licensing - keep in mind that Oracle-Licensing-Factor for intel
> ist 0.5, for z 1!
> Regards, Det

Apart from the MTBF, which others have mentioned.... a mainframe runs workloads
more evenly. Thus even if you perceive it to be slow... as the load increases,
the performance doesn't drop that much. So it can be loaded pretty heavily.
The number of Linux guests you can run under zVM is very high (e.g. thousands of
VMs). How much money would you have to invest to run thousands of Linux VMs
using x86 hardware? (and would it be all that reliable... and would it be easier
to run and keep up with, etc.. etc...)

But with that said, a mainframe does mean a commitment... and for some, the
initial cost and even "the promise" it holds, well... it can be daunting...

So.. it still not necessarily the best fit for all worlds. It's not like the
"old" days where a Systems Programmer was a resource you could find
"everywhere". And I'd recommend having somebody that understands zVM.

With regards to mainframe software licensing, which is often times leased.. and
it very expensive, that's something you'll also need to look at.