0) Trying to download kernel-debuginfo for susel11.1 server.
1) My acct is linked to my company's acct, which should be active, but,
I have no activation keys, etc.; I believe it is a site license.
2) I have no products listed in the cust care center and couldn't find
anything there that indicated the URLs to add for manual config of
3) A search of the download site for kernel-debuginfo results in zero
4) The only repos I have are DVD repos in yast2
5) I don't see any obvious way of adding the SLE11-SP1-Debuginfo-Pool
SLE11-SP1-Debuginfo-Updates repositories in yast2 > software > soft
6) If I try to go to yast2 > other > novell cust center config, it
can't connect
to the server.
7) If I try to go to yast2 > other > support, I get page not found.

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