Shoot... Something weird just happened. My EMail server (running Sles Enterprise 8) (I am a windows guy and 6 months into this job) shut down and the hard drives wont boot. I got HP to replace all back pane, controller, cache card, and system board. Still to no avail. We then got 2 HD in and they seemed to work. Havent put an OS on there yet.

MY question to you experts is this... I need to get my data off there. I am familiar with hirens and other media to assist. But these harddrives are SAS and I don't have or know any converters that can go from SAS to USB so I can plug it in to my windows machine and read the file system of the Linux hard drive?

Does anyone have any ideas or hints or products that I can use.

Yeah... I know.. It should have been backed up and im an idiot for not. But the system had other issues that needed to be fixed.

Please, any help would be great.