Original documentation is not available and I am trying to reproduce SLES11/Xen installation on a new ProLiant BL460c Gen8 blade. The idea is to have SLES11 XenHost for 8-VMs (838GB hard drive). The existing partitioning scheme is to have 512MB for /boot, 32GB for dom0-VG (LV: /ROOT 12 GB, LV: /SWAP 4GB, LV: /VAR 6GB), and the rest domU-VG (8x100GB for 8VMs). So I wonder whether someone came up with better partitioning schemes, for example creating another 2GB SWAP partition on disk, not only SWAP-LV in dom0-VG. May be this has already been discuss in forum, I am just not aware of this - your recommendations much appreciated.

thanks, kestas