On Wed, 01 May 2013 15:44:02 +0000, daniellench wrote:

> First of all, they are not selling it.

Yeah, actually, they do. It's an enterprise product on their price list,
with a per-seat licensing model and a maintenance option.

iFolder is dual licensed, from technology that Novell owns (not just
iFolder, but also FLAIM).

iFolder 2 was closed source and probably written in C or C++ (since it
was closed, it's not clear to me at least what it was originally written
in). I seem to recall they acquired the technology from somewhere, but I
might be thinking of a different product.

This forum is a Novell forum (but the chat forum is on Novell, SUSE, and
NetIQ forum sites - it's the same forum). Novell was acquired by
Attachmate in May of 2011 - and in case you didn't know, Novell and
Microsoft have a collaboration agreement as well (but I'm not sure what
that has to do with anything).

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