Have fresh install of SLES 11 sp2 (VMWare) and have installed Groupwise 8.0.3 WebAccess (will upgrade to 2012 in couple months). This runs fine - HTTP or HTTPS. Now, what I would really like to do is configure Apache for LDAP authentication against eDirectory running on NetWare 6.5 server. Eventually, we will have SLES 11 sp2 server with eDir and LDAP but for now it is still NetWare. I have reviewed a number of comments found with Google searches, but nothing I have tried appears to work. Rather than sharing with you the error messages and configurations I have tried, what I would like at this point is just a reference to a TID or some documentation that outlines all the necessary steps. So, what we want when all is said and done is 2 level authentication to get into GW WebAccess - first via LDAP and then via Groupwise. Thanks for any tips you might be able to provide.