> OK, the mechanics are this...
> We do some work for a customer and want to let them access some of the
> finished documents.
> So we used to run a sles server with pureftp on it and created a logon
> for each customer that wanted to access files.
> This worked for the most part, but it seemed that FTP was not
> accessible for all our customers. So now instead of FTP, we like the
> idea of using http or https, and want to provide a browseable folder
> structure they can log on to.
> We have NOWS and am I believe (will have to check) entitled to FILR, so
> we may check it out.

Pretty common... I do not understand the blocking of solicited FTP
connections to the outside world, but some places apparently have their
reasons... though I personally think they're probably bad reasons. Oh well.

I think Filr is probably a pretty good option for you assuming licensing
works out. Even if not that, iFolder is still free and web-based among
other options (clients can also run to automatically synchronize things)
and access can be read-only or read-write at least.

Good luck.