Good day.
I have an issue with a logical volume in SLES 11 SP1, 64-bit, in VMware 5. I needed to add more space to the volume because it was down to 9% free so I added another VMDK. Then in YaST Partitioner, I added the new device to the volume group, then resized the logical volume, which seemed to resize the Ext3 file system too because total size in "df" jumped up.

But I have a discrepancy between what YaST Partitioner reports as the volume size and what "df" returns. Both report the same used amount, but differ in the volume's total size and free space. In fact, df's report doesn't even add up. I've seen that before with df.

Partitioner says:
"New Logical Volume Size (in GB): 659.9 GB"
"LV Size Restrictions: Minimum LV Size: 551.75 GB, Maximum LV Size: 659.9 GB"
"LV Used: 551.75 GB, LV Free: 107.24 GB"

df reports:
649 GB total (not 659 GB), 552 used, 64 GB free (90%)

Unfortunately I have an application that uses the values from "df" to determine free space. It won't kick off a job with disk free below a certain percentage.

Any advice?

~Howard Hyten
Austin, TX