Running SLES11sp2 on an IBM x3630m4 with Qlogic HBA card and IBM V7000 SAN.

The IBM V7000 SAN is configured and a chunk of 2TB disk is allocated to the server. The HBA configuration is working correctly. I boot the server with the SLES11sp2 CD and begin the installation. I configure the time and then SuSE probes the hardware and recognizes that "multi-path" hardware exists and I confirm that I want to use multi-pathing. In the "partition" section I configure/enable "multi-path" and /dev/sda changes to /dev/mapper/360050.... 001. I then chop the disk into the following sections:
1 GB boot ---> /dev/mapper/360050...001_part1
32 GB swap ---> /dev/mapper/360050...001_part2
1.97TB root ---> /dev/mapper/360050...001_part3

In the "booting" section I select "expert mode" and this shows that the system will boot from /dev/mapper/360050...001_part1 and the option for MBR is checked.

The system continues and finishes the installation. At the end the server needs to reboot to finalize the installation. The CMOS on the server is now set to boot from "SLES11sp2" but this fails and the installation never completes. It seems as if the MBR is never written to the SAN.

Any idea or help will be appreciated.