fpernet;1995175 Wrote:
> Trouble is that ntp is running in chroot by default.
> To get rid of the duplicate /var/lib/ntp/proc directory (in which you
> have copy of the regular /proc), do the following:
> stop ntp daemon
> edit /etc/sysconfig/ntp and set run in chroot to "no"
> edit the script /etc/init.d/ntp and set run in chroot to "no"
> umount /var/lib/ntp/proc
> start ntp daemon
> Then you should have an empty /var/lib/ntp/proc
> bye

Well, that wouldn't make it too secure then, wouldn't it?

Just had a similar case as the size of the kcore file was shown by du
-sh. When maths done properly it was obvious that can be ignored as the
sum was much larger than the size of the filesystem.

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