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>On Thu 30 May 2013 08:19:03 PM CDT, KeN Etter wrote:
>Ok, on a whim I just swapped out the video card. I have a few
>identical ones. Rebooted the PC and no more green lines. Maybe that
>graphics card just happened to die while I was doing the testing. I
>now have a visible desktop, but I still have the jerks and pauses
>during the PDF slideshow. Disabling Desktop Effects doesn't fix it.
>Any other suggestions?
>Check the BIOS settings for aperture size, that its set to the right
>slot for the card rather than onboard.

Set correctly.

>Run sax2 again just to check the settings you can tweak for the card.


>Disable unnecessary services via the runlevel editor in YaST.


>You might try logging out and login to IceWM and run an xterm and
>start the pdf via CLI.

Didn't help.

Well I assume either the driver just isn't optimized as well as it
could be or something with the way linux handles it. I suppose a more
powerful graphics card would solve the problem, but I don't have the
option of spending money just to change the OS. I've learned a little
more about linux, but I really don't have the time to keep working on
a solution for this one...when I can just continue with XP without
further work. Thanks for all your assistance Malcolm!