Dear All,

I'm feeling kinda stupid. I'm trying to install a SLES 11.0 server with

I Install my server with SLES 11.0 after that I install my raid card
drivers and after that I install the Hypervisor tools with Yast to get
XEN running. I do a reboot to see if I can boot up the XEN kernel and it
get stuck with this...
Excuse me for the bad quality of the picture!

Some specs of my homemade server,

Mobo: Gigabyte P35-DS3R
CPU: Intel Core2Duo E6700 @ 2.66Ghz
MEM: 4GB Corsair XMS
HDD: 1x160GB WD Sata Drive(SLES 11.0)
RAID: Highpoint RocketRAID 2640x1

What I have done, checked the install DVD, changed out harddrives with
no luck. Also did an fresh install without installing the raid card, XEN
still won't boot.

Another fresh install with custom partition setup also no luck. Changed
out mem and mobo also same problem. Did a test install on another PC
from my work and it worked. So I hope somebody can tell me what the code
means where my XEN gets stuck.

Thanks for the help!

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