I'm looking for zlib-devel on the SLES11 SP3 DVD1 and it is NOT there! I'm also looking for git-core.

I can find both of these in opensuse repositories. But there are many dependent packages that would require downgrade or deinstallation so it's not feasible.

Can anyone help?

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On 12/06/2013 09:44, Arunangsuse wrote:

> I am not able to find openssl-devel, libopenssl-devel for sles 11 sp2/
> sp3 32 bit operating system. And for sles11 64bit we can find
> libopenssl-devel and zlib-devel manually but couldn't find
> openssl-devel.
> I tried finding these packages in OS image, but these were not there.
> Can any one help me out.

The libopenssl-devel and zlib-devel packages are included on DVD1 for
the appropriate SDK.

Please also note that since SLES11 SP3 has not yet been released any
media/repositories may be incomplete.

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