I have recently had to re-build my SMT server and now I'm having a
problem with the repositories. After installing SMT and updating the the
server (SuSE 11sp2 64bit) and SMT (11sp2)I selected the repositories I
needed and ran "smt-mirror" from the command line which finished without
errors. When I open the SMT Mangement GUI on the server and look at the
repositories tab it shows that all repositories that were selected have
been mirrored. When I check the staging I find that the first 4
repositories listed show that they have been mirrored, the rest show
"Mirror timestamp: Never mirrored". The repositories in staging even
show the patches that make up the repo. I ran the smt-report and it
looks fine. Is that anything else I can run or log I can look at for
more information?

Thanks for any help I can get.